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November 25, 2013

The testimonial below is two pages long, I have taken parts of it that relate to a few products. This testimonial deals with Neuropathy, dark discoloration of lower legs and feet also surgery incisions.

"I called Juliana to ask how to use the medicine rub; I've been a user of herbal remedies for many years so this ointment was something I was happy to try; I followed her instructions. I was happy to try anything as the drugs prescribed by the VA were not affording me relief from the pain, tingling and burning feeling in my feet. The dark purple began to recede within one week, and within two weeks the intense pain to touch was gone".

" I am entering my second month using the products and I hate to think what it would be like to be with out them. Since receiving the soap I've been washing my surgery incisions, and saw my Surgeon last week; she was amazed and said that I had healed beyond her expectations".

Roy Nielson; aka "The Viking"
P.S. I may be contacted for confirmation/validation: (307) 921-2919 (c)

December  2012

             I was at Spirits Child about a week ago to purchase my 5th bottle of your Native Brews Medicine Rub for the arthritis in both my hands. The rub is amazing. I get almost immediate relief from my knuckle pain. I have only one kidney so I can not take anti-inflammatory medicine, whicheliminates presciption medications. I am building a house and can not use many tools, like a hammer, drill or screwdriver without the medicine rub. Thank you for the sample you gave me at the off grid living seminar where we met.

Michael Neff

December 2012

As a disabled veteran injured over 50 years ago I have been experiencing severe arthritic problems for over 50 years. Until I was introduced to Native Brews medicine rub I was unable to utilize my hands due to a infecturous arthritic epesode and a rancher from Marana had a bottle in his pick-up and told me to try it.
It worked and I have recieved almost immediate relief from the problem that has rendered my hands useless for months prior to using it. I highly recommend it and have passed this info on to my VA facillity in Tucson

W. Hayes  Benson AZ

December 2012

My name is Kam Morganti and I have used Native Brews Medicine Skin for healing skin maladies. This is a fantastic product because it heals the wound and area so quickly. I highly recommend Medicine Skin to anyone who has a wound or skin aliment. This product is delivered immediately upon request from the supplier. The jar is small enough to even be carried in a handbag. I love it and will continue to use it in the future.

Kam Morganti

December 2012

My name is Ron and I am 63 yeras old. For over 15 years, I have suffered from osteoarthrits. About 7 years agoI was told that my primary diagnosis had changed to fibromyalgia with complications of the end stage of osteoarthritis. I had prolotherapy done on both of mt shoulders to avoid shoulder replacement and I had a diskectomy on lumbar 3-4 of my spine. I had to leave the work force at that time and I have been permanently disabled with chronic pain ever since that time. I have taken Meloxicam, Doxepin, Acetaminophen, Celebrex, Vicoden, Dilaudid, Oxycodone, and numerous over the counter remedies. In addition, I have received physical therapy, acupuncture, and have been seen by a pain specialist on a regular basis. At this time, for pain, I take Meloxicam for arthritis and Topomax for the Fibromyaliga- period. I have Oxycodone available for breakthrough pain but I have not found it necessary to use it for one reason- Native Brews. In the evening, my pain generally worsens to a level where I have previously found it necessary to take Oxycodone for relief.........not since I discovered Native Brews. I simply rub it on my shoulders and arms and the Fibromyalgia pain dissipates, even down into my lower back. It absorbs that thoroughly AND I HAVE NOT NEEDED TO TAKE OXYCODONE AT ALL SINCE I STARTED TO USE THIS PRODUCT. If you suffer from Fibromyaliga pain, you owe it to yourself to try this wonderful rub. Please keep in mind I am very much a science-minded, data-based person and I do not run out and try everything on the shelf. NATIVE BREWS IS DIFFERENT- IT WORKS. I you are tired of overwhelming pain from Fibromyalgia and you are takinf narcotics and risking your health by doing so- just try this. It is tryly an amazing product.

March 2012

                  I just received my order today. It could not come at a better time. I have had a killer migraine all day that was radiating down into my jaw. I decided to try thr Native Brew on my jaw and in the location of my migraine. Instantly my jaw quit hurting, and within about 15 minutes my migraine was GONE!! I am amazed!!! I have a couple friends at work that I was telling about your product, and I am going to let them sample it tomorrow. I have no doubt they will be as pleased as I am. I can not wait to try this on my boyfriend(who has severe disc degeneration, and has been dependant upon narcotics for years).

Thank you for your dedication and vision!!!!

I am 64 years old and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 51. I also have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I never had flares as my pain was constant twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week. I was treated with the traditional methods, but because of my sensitivity to prescription drugs, I was unable to obtain any lasting help. I tried about everything out there including the latest drugs prescribed for fibromyalgia. Either I had adverse side affects or they didn't work at all. I was suffering with such intense pain that I could only sleep with sleeping pills (and sometimes they failed), had constant fatigue, could never nap, trouble communicating and felt like I couldn't express myself the way I wanted to, and had trouble with my speech, getting my tongue and brain working together, and everything physical or mental was extremely difficult or impossible. I had a great doctor who tried her best to help me. We had some minor successes but nothing lasting. Recently I was almost totally bedridden, not getting out practically at all, and having headaches that made my poor quality of life even worse. Then when I had really given up and considered myself a zombie, NATIVE BREWS came into my life. I was reluctant to try it because the myriad of other things I had tried failed, but because it was recommended by a friend, I said yes, I would try it. After first applying it to my painful areas, I felt an instantaneous relief. I couldn't believe it. It was a miracle. Words cannot adequately describe my joy. Yes, fibromyalgia and the other pains may never go totally away, but now I get relief. I am making such progress in such a short period of time. I can cry, laugh, enjoy music and I am now able to sleep without sleeping pills. Is all my pain gone? No, but I can now cope and have a quality of life that I yearned for many years. I have to remember to not do too much, eat right and do my stretches and walk. I can even go to the pool now and paddle around. What a difference. Thank you Julian for making this available for those of us who were slowly being tortured by fibromyalgia. I hope you try it and it does for you what it has done for me. Some of my friends that don't have FM tried it, they have other pains, and they felt the instantaneous relief as well.

Marti O 

Donna Stallings of Sahuarita, AZ said:

Dear Julian,
I need to let you know that "Native Brews" is the new miracle in my home. I grew up having extreme leg and foot cramps that were debilitating and they have continued throughout my life. I am 55 years old and thought I would have to live with this condition forever. I was prescribed Benadryl as a treatment. Not only did Benadryl knock me out for hours, but did little to prevent cramps.

I am now raising two granddaughters and the youngest suffers from the same muscle cramps I do. I treated her cramps the same way I was taught, with Benadryl and hours of walking, rubbing and crying. Since I have started using "Native Brews" on both of us we are now Benadryl free and the most amazing part is we are having less and less cramps.

Not only am I using it on my legs and feet, but twenty years ago I got my hands crushed in a terrible accident. Over the years I have developed arthritis in my hands. When using the brew on my legs and feet, I noticed that the pain in my hands vanished also.

I was so excited about being pain free that I immediately ordered "Native Brews" for my family and friends and insisted they start using it immediately! One of my friends had not slept through the night in years from arthritis. Three days later after giving her a bottle of this wonderful brew to use, her husband came to see me. He actually had tears in his eyes and hugged me so tight and told me my friend was sleeping the whole night without pain.

I now have ordered "Medicine Bath" bags, the "Medicine Skin" in addition to the "Medicine Rub" I have ordered to send to other family members. 

My family, friends and I are truly blessed that we have found your product. Please whatever else you decide to do with your life, please, please do not stop making your product. I can't imagine ever being without it or having to live in pain again.

Donna Stallings
P.S. I now carry the smaller bottle in my purse at all times. Not just for me but for anyone I meet that is in pain.

 Julie King of Tubac, AZ said:

I am a bartender/server and on my feet all the time. Back in August of this year I went on a fishing trip with my family, and stepped in a hole and sprained my right ankle. I went to the doctor and the doctor gave me pain med's and wrapped my ankle, it did not help. 

A friend came in and saw I was in pain and told me about Native Brews. I got a sample bottle and rubbed it on a few times for two days and it took the bruising and the swelling away, there was no more pain.
Thank you Julie for the wonderful natural healing!
Julie M. King  Tubac, AZ    

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